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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Well as always I have been three or four months trying to get back on here, it is just a case of out of site out of mind, lets see what has happened since I have been absent, my sister -in- law had a kidney removed from a inoperal tumer, doing fine recovered remarkablely. Other than that it has been a pretty quite  orrcherthe last three or four months.

Got  thru the August birthdays and I turned a year older. I am now 74. Feeling pretty good, have a terrable cold that wont go away ......but I'm hanging in there.
Have had a few new great nieces and nephew since I Ist started this blog, will get around to posting all of them.

My neices Tami and Marta both had two grandkids each, going to try to post pics to this soon as I find them. This is Marta's daughter Krista and her kids, Ellie an Archer. Taken Christmas 2016