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Friday, April 30, 2010


Okay here is the magazine cover and the unveiling of the cover picture

These are two of my Great Granddaughters,

These were taken on Easter of 2006, Kelsi's first trip to grammie's house in AZ. I did these layouts for a Digi Mag on Facebook.... and one of them was chosen for the cover of the magazine. So I was very pleased about that... I will point out which one it was soon

My son and his granddaughters

This is my oldest son with his Granddaughters, they are dying easter eyes, this is Easter 2010, Kelsi 6yrs and Kaylee 8 Mons.


Okay like I said in my earlier post, I would be adding a page of our new pup "CORKY" he is just so so cute.... we just love him to death. He is 7 weeks today

Well as the old saying goes "TGIF"

Well most people would say that, but when you are retired everyday is FRIDAY... so I thinks everyday is FRIDAY.

But I have had a very lazy week this week, and our new puppy, (we have had him for three weeks now" and he is 7 weeks today... So cute!!!!!!
Will post some pictures of him today so you can see how cute he is.... His name is Corky or (as we call him) Porkie.... cause he is a big porker... always wants to eat...

So for now that is it I will get those pictures of him on today...
Have a good one

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Well here I am.... going to add some new scrap pages that I have done over the last couple of days.
I entered them to a new digi magazine that just got started and they used both of them in the April edtion and one of them on the cover.... I was really excited.

I have been trying to get back into scrapping again... was sorta out of it for a while.... was all tied up with the Face Book Games..... burnt out on them.... I stop by everyday to check on them but I'm not into them as much as I was.

I have been back to which I have a scrap book site... and of course Scrapbook Flair and I have another scrap site there too...

Okay I'm going to and get these pages posted...

Until later

Friday, April 23, 2010


Well here it is Friday again, not sure what is going to happen around here this week-end.. nothing planned.
Maybe I could make some scrap pages from some older pictures that are just being stored.. but I really need a scanner for that... not right now maybe next month.

I'm going to start a recipe section, my kids are always saying how they aren't going to know how to cook anything one of these days..... so I think I will start recording my recipe dishes for them. I will try to do it with measurements, cause I don't cook that way... so it is going to be hard to put them down in writing..... but I will try.

And I'm trying to get started with some scrap booking sites that are on F B as a CT... and I really would like to learn how to make kits... maybe that will be my next adventure.

Okay.... more later maybe

Thursday, April 22, 2010

OMG..... it has been soooo long

Well I am so sorry that I am not so very productive at this blogging thing, but I hope to be doing much better now... I have some good ideas... if I can just follow through with them, you will see how cool this blog will be. So until I really get started take care and will see you on the flip side of this post.