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Friday, May 15, 2009


Okay, thought I had better get something posted, before the end of the month.
Not much new here, getting ready for my last granddaughter to graduate from high school, wow!!!! WHERE DOES THE TIME GO!!!!!!!
and then the next week end one of my older granddaughters is have her baby shower, we are expecting a little girl (third grt granddaughter) but that is alright. We love little girls. But little boy's are sooooo cute to. I remember my oldest boy, we baught him a pair of levi's, he was just standing, They were soooo cute.

Well let's see, Lexie's last day at pre-school was Thurs. last baseball game is Sat. so now I have to figure out what I'm going to do with her all summer.

Swimming lessions for one thing, need to sign up for those, Not sure what else.

So we are going away for two week ends in a row, geez!!!! taking Lex with us, Shelli is moving that week anyway. So that will help her out. Lexie is going to see she cousin Kelsi. They get along so well together, sometimes I guess I should add.

Okay that doesn't it for a while will be back!!!!!!

Friday, May 1, 2009


Well here it is the first of May and I haven't been on here since sometime around Easter. Well ya know that is just how my time goes anymore.
But school is almost out so Lex will be home more, so that means that my time will be even more taken.

We had new tile floor put in the whole lower level of the house, it is so nice. And so much easier to keep clean. That white carpet in here with let's see 6 that lived here and two dogs. Plus one of those 6 people was a three year old when we moved in.

So it was costing us alot of money to up keep this place. But that is gone now and oh man is it nice.

Well okay that is about it for this time around, I will try to get on more often.