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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Some of my Scrap Pages (Great Granddaughters)

I did it

Well I have figured out how to do a slide show, it only took me a week but that is alright.
I have posted two, and now I'm going to try and put them on my facebook and see how that works.

I'm not doing to much today except play our with my picture and so forth.
More later


Slide Show

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Wedding Day

Well I was going thru some photo's and saw this one, this is my hubby, this was after the ceremony in the garden area. So I thought I would post it.

It's been a while

Well it has been awhile since I have posted anything, but I thought I would make an entry and post an picture of my granddaughter in her wedding gown, it turned out so pretty.
I have been kinda not had to much of a routine this past couple of weeks. Great granddaughter has been out of school for holiday vacation, and before that she was hope with the flu that is going around. Geez a whole month home with a 4 year old, getting to old for that. lol

Well now the holiday's are over and all decorations are put away, the little one is back in school, and I have a little time for myself.
I really enjoy that time alone, I always did, even when my kids were little, I looked forward to the nap every afternoon.
I would read, or back in those days we wrote letters, so that was one thing i just loved to do, or sew up or mind a few things. I just hated to get the sewing machine out when the kids were up.

So now we are expecting a new great grandchild, and I was told a couple of days ago that it is a BOY!!!!!!
So we are all real excited about that, now I can start thinking in that direction, I think I will start working on a quilt for him.

Well I think I will get going and get something done, maybe another scrap page, lol!!!!
More later