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Monday, February 23, 2009


It has been a while since I have been here, don't know why just has. My brother and I have been playing games on Pogo, we turn on our cam's and we can talk and play it is like being at the kitchen table like the good ole days, it is a lot of fun.

I also open an account on face book, and it has games too, and of course scrap booking that is very time consuming to say the least.

The whole family is on there almost, grand kids, nieces and nephews and kids. Geez everyone is on there, on face book.

I do have some exciting news, we are expecting out third great grandchild, it is a boy!!! the first boy, OMG how spoiled will that be. We haven't had a boy since our grandson was born 22 years ago. It seems like we just do girls around here.

Pogo is a great game site, it is a pay site but well worth it if you are into playing games, it is great
I will post
Go take a look it is great, I play there quite a bit, and of course I have my scrapbook site also this is where I post all my scrapbooks. You can use this address and my name there is scrappin_grammie, so just after .com/add scrappin_grammie it will take you to my site.

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